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12:30 Pm EST

our signature meeting!

Legacy gold lifeline ZOOM ROOM discussion

An open discussion of issues related to preserving sovereignty, nature, humanness, and spiritual growth in the Digital Age through co-creation and responsible use of technology.


12:30 Pm EST

empowering energy!

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spiritual connection zoom room

A meeting place to connect spiritually and discuss our spiritual journeys as well as do group prayer and meditation to raise our collective positive spiritual energy. This is a non-denominational spiritual connection and all faiths are welcome and loved.


10:00 AM EST


8:00 PM est

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responsible tech for a free and sustainable future

Open discussion of how involvement in LGLE co-creation can facilitate responsible use of technology to preserve human limitlessness and use technology responsibly.


8:00 pM EST


12:00 PM est

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crypto newbies
zoom room

Open discussion and help for anyone new to cryptocurrency and digital asset management. The main purpose is to help with the steep learning curve and how to avoid costly rookie mistakes.