Nyagatare Empowerment Cooperative

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Shema Christian
May 21, 2021, 1:00:44 AM
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May 21, 2021, 1:00:44 AM
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The Nyagatare Empowerment Cooperative is an empowering community-based self-sustainability project using an open source cryptocurrency and blockchain based ecosystem.
Nyagatare Empowerment Cooperative

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The Nyagatare Empowerment Cooperative is a first effort community-based self-sustainability project utilizing the FunDEXit cryptocurrency crowdfunding mechanism to both fund and perpetually maintain a socioeconomically challenged local community with a shared land utilization cooperative and a pay-it-forward volunteer teaching system for on boarding into the space of digital asset management and free trade using an open source cryptocurrency and blockchain based ecosystem. This will address the problems of poverty, hunger, and exclusion in the global economy.

Socioeconomic instability in Rwanda following years of racial divide and genocidal warfare between extremists of the Hutu majority and Tutsi minority has led to ongoing lack of opportunity for many honest Rwandans. Many young Africans in various regions across the continent have by necessity turned to cryptocurrency as a means of survival in spite of their respective countries’ efforts to curb its use. This is understandably an effort at curbing the use of cryptocurrency to fund terrorism such as what occurred in the past with mass genocide of over a million of the Tutsi minority by Hutu and retaliatory murders of Hutu. Millions of innocent Rwandans were caught in the conflict, many who were honest people who meant no harm. Unfortunately, on going lack of opportunity and poverty could eventually lead to dissent and aggression, and thus there is a need for community based efforts to improve quality of life in a sustainable way.

The inspiration for the Nyagatare Empowerment Cooperative came from a three year friendship that developed when Rwandan local project coordinator, Shema Christian, was introduced to an affiliate based program that aimed to help people achieve financial freedom through saving gold in small denominations. His enthusiasm to create an opportunity for himself and others in need in his community, particularly a family with a special needs child caught the attention of Dr. Debi Thomas, an affiliate of the program who decided to try and come up with a way for Chris and others he had brought into the program to participate since the affiliate program was not available in Rwanda. She subsequently started the “Empower Africa Gold Group” for other Africans from many different countries who wanted opportunities, but had many obstacles to participation in the program, in hopes to one day help these millennials through a crowdfunding mechanism she developed, which would raise funds through commissions generated from recruiting others to save gold.

At the time, the affiliate program was about to launch a cryptocurrency project, and there was much enthusiasm that the coin would do quite well, so Dr. Thomas created a small campaign to try and raise money to purchase some of the cryptocurrency to put into a fund for the long term to help the family that Chris wanted to help. One of the people who donated to that campaign was another affiliate named David Ash. He saw the efforts being made by both Chris and Dr. Thomas to try and create a more stable and sustainable way of life for the young Africans in the “Empower Africa Gold Group”, particularly Chris who had shown consistent dedication to learning new skills, motivating others, and never quitting.

Over the three year period, Chris demonstrated a desire to make a better life for himself, and his family in spite of much hardship and obstacles. He had to move away from his family to Uganda to try and find work, and he endured painful moments when his son developed malaria and later a brain tumor. Thankfully his son recovered from these ailments. Because of Chris’ dedication to never giving up on finding a way out of financial distress and his dedication to following the mentor-ship of Dr. Thomas, their friend David Ash continued to help Chris cover some costs of these dire situations. Unfortunately, during this time, the affiliate program that brought them together had many failures, but Dr. Thomas discovered that in spite of that, she was able to generate passive income from trading cryptocurrency. She began to teach Chris, and he began to teach others.

Upon discovering the purpose of the Stellar open network project for storing and moving digitized assets for equitable access to global financial markets, Dr. Thomas began to think of various ways this system could be used after starting to build the Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem out of necessity to salvage the value of digital assets affiliates were still holding. It came to her attention that Chris had been gifted land from his father 14 years prior, but he had not been able to make enough money at his job to cover the property taxes and thus was unable to utilize the land. Due to Chris’ many years of dedication to self-improvement and the Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem mission, Dr. Thomas, David Ash, and Shema Christian set out to co-create a sustainable community cooperative project to utilize Chris’ land as a means to introduce his community to the use and management of digital assets.

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