Empower Africa GOLD

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Dr. Debi Thomas
May 17, 2021, 7:24:45 PM
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May 17, 2021, 7:24:45 PM
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Help inspired Africans with dreams of empowerment, sovereignty, and self-sustainability have an opportunity to thrive by supporting cryptocurrency leadership grants.
Empower Africa GOLD

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Empower Africa GOLD presently is a group of aspiring African millennials, with dreams of empowerment, sovereignty, and self-sustainability. Many began as affiliates of Karatbars International GmbH with dreams of achieving that goal through sharing an opportunity to build wealth by saving gold in small, affordable, denominations, however, this proved to be quite challenging, especially when the company failed to empathize with the challenges of affiliates living in developing nations or to make good on promises.

In spite of that, many of the members of the group are motivated and committed to achieving financial freedom and to bringing socioeconomic stability to their respective communities. The Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem was inspired and developed to fulfill the dreams of disappointed Karatbars affiliates and is a global solution to an age old problem of debt based money, wealth inequality, and the socioeconomic and spiritual distress that goes along with those problems. The solution has been to offer education, support, and creative ways to more easily on board people into financial literacy and the new digital economy.

Though these individuals are intelligent, well educated, and are enthusiastic to have the opportunity to share this blessing to the world, they face many obstacles to being able to participate and prosper from the system due to lack of opportunity to make a basic living.

We are asking donors to contribute anything they can comfortably afford to help get them each started with $500 grants to be used with the FunDEXit mechanism to both support basic needs and fund profitable digital asset management until theses obstructions to success can be resolved.

Some of the problems members of the group have encountered:
-Lack of gainful employment in spite of holding college degrees
-Lack of funds for food, rent, cell phones/service, computers, & internet
-Living in countries that are underdeveloped
-Not taken seriously or discriminated against and believed to be scammers
-Poor internet makes it difficult to attend Zoom training

Ongoing funding can help not only with grants for our local leadership members who are located in various parts of the African continent, but also assist with support for building local infrastructure and the creation of satellite offices to be run by our most ambitious members to provide empowerment and sovereignty training for community members by paying it forward and passing on their skills and knowledge. Funds donated to this FunDEXit campaign will be dispersed to individual FunDEXit projects by members as well.

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