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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Created by: Dr. Debi Thomas, Legacy GOLD Lifeline Wholeness Ministry




The LGLE is the service inspired, created, and offered through a collaborative effort by likeminded individuals who envisioned an empowering alternative financial ecosystem based on physical and digitized gold, cryptocurrency, block chain technology, and other digital assets. When the company that first inspired this group of individuals got off the path of their vision, cause creator Dr. Debi Thomas decided that she should create the ecosystem that they all had envisioned.

She currently works independently as an empowerment and sovereignty coach who also dabbles in spiritual healing. Dr. Thomas has a vast history of experience which includes being an Olympic medalist and an orthopaedic surgeon, but her passion is empowering humanity and helping individuals realize the true power within themselves to make the change they want to see in the world.

This ecosystem will be always progressively developing efficiently to shift the flow of wealth energy to resources that effectively uplift humanity towards a great awakening to principles of abundance, sustainability, wellness, and advanced spirituality.

Description of components/features:

A single online platform to be created to present, in the most efficient and effective way, various vetted resources of empowerment.

The user shall be taken on a customized well planned journey of enlightenment, education, and empowerment through the digestible training modules, which introduce resources, that have been thoroughly vetted, to users in a user friendly way.

The platform shall be translatable into other languages and customizable for international users.

The ecosystem shall be optionally referral-based and shall have its own system of tracking and issuing referral commissions from partner resources as well as allowing the user to register any existing referral/affiliate-based programs they may already belong to for cross referencing and management within the platform.

Through a community-based platform, likeminded users may communicate, and if they make a referral to a service within the ecosystem, they may be optionally designated a percentage of referral commissions for that service even if they were not the initial referrer.

The various resources offered on the platform will fall into various categories such as: financial, health and wellness, sustainability, philanthropy/humanitarianism, self-help, sovereignty, entrepreneurship, and spirituality.

Resources (businesses, services, platforms, products, etc.) will be categorized and a database created of meaningful properties of each which are both searchable and can be used by an artificial intelligence system to efficiently guide users to resources that will best serve them. Of course, all resources are always available to all users.

A “Legacybot“ artificial intelligence bot will be created to answer general questions and guide users through the designated customized modules as a personal assistant, and will be multilingual. This will be similar to “Mindfulbot” being developed on the vetted Secret Energy platform:

If possible, the development of a LGLE companion app (“Legacy Safe”) that can be stored on an external device and is capable of storing and accessing (when the platform URL is entered) the correct encrypted login/account access username, password, private key, etc. necessary for any registered platform for the user's account. This will prevent hours of lost time searching for such information, recovering passwords, or having to accept loss of data or assets.

Legacy GOLD Lifeline also has an Up2Give project.

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