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Imagine being part of co-creating the largest global interconnected digital network designed BY the people FOR the people... The future is NOW, and is in YOUR hands if you choose to accept this mission.

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Become an LGLE "franchise" and customize it to YOUR community's needs!

The opportunity has presented itself for the Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem (LGLE) to incorporate a project offered through a monumental partnership between two philanthropic global organizations, PrimeGate and Up2Give, to collaborate in creating the "People's Network", a major technological infrastructure development program which will, for a limited time, offer the chance for motivated individuals to create a customized "franchise" in communities around the world for the coming "IoT Revolution". IoT = Internet of Things. Combined with the LGLE's FunDEXit cryptocurrency crowdfunding system powered by PortalX, inspired entrepreneurs will be able to transform their communities to meet the needs of individuals, families, local businesses, and organizations and can create endless possibilities for sustainable growth in all aspects of life.

The LGLE offers the novel FunDEXit cryptocurrency crowdfunding mechanism to make donated funds last perpetually. Coincidentally, Bitcoin donation using Up2Give is already one of the mechanisms for making donations to FunDEXit projects and causes. Concurrent FunDEXit and Up2Give project campaigns are ENCOURAGED, because using the LGLE method with the coming PortalX app, project leaders will be able to leverage all of the various passive income streams from FunDEXit and Up2Give/PrimeGate to generate much more "coin flow" with their earned cryptocurrency assets, which can be used for ongoing revenue to keep their projects thriving. One of the main reasons that PrimeGate and Up2Give have partnered is for humanitarian reasons. They want to bring this opportunity to their respective giving communities and want to play a responsible role in improving the lives of every honest human being on the planet.

During the recent global shutdown triggered by the "Covid-19 crisis" many who have done their due diligence research have filed monumental lawsuits, as they have come to realize that our world leaders seem to be a quite misguided in their ideology and are using the crisis as a tool to trigger public fear, chaos, and devastation, thereby creating a convenient "reason" to push for the UN's 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Following the money unfortunately has revealed shocking financial conflicts of interest for many of the people pushing this agenda, so it is going to be up to the people of the world to expose this tyranny and work to achieve these goals in a more humane way.

What are the UN 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)?

How is PrimGate approaching the UN 17 SDGs?

More on the PrimeGate/Up2Give partnership...

PrimeGate is partnering with Up2Give to whitelabel about 200 of its IoT products to make them available to the Up2Give philanthropic community. This means that all of these advanced features can be incorporated into existing and emerging Up2Give projects. This merge of features will unlock new mechanisms for passive income related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

The PrimeGate/Up2Give "City Developer Program" is an opportunity for average people to develop people-owned IoT infrastructure in cities and even rural areas to take advantage of IoT innovation. Technology is going to make its way into our lives no matter what we do, so it is up to us to make sure it affects us in positive ways. We cannot just sit back and let irresponsible or ineffective technology be forced upon us. Some technology can be very useful, but some can lead to detrimental effects or just don't work any better than traditional means. It is good to try and preserve our humanness, as we have limitless abilities.

So how can one take advantage of this opportunity?

The partnership between PrimeGate and Up2Give is in ongoing development, but as mentioned, all 200 of PrimeGate's current IoT products and services are going to be available for whitelabel use within the Up2Give ecosystem. As an extra layer of financial security, the LGLE community will be implementing and incorporating FunDEXit powered by PortalX for sustainable digital asset management, generating "coin flow" from the revenue generated by the PrimeGate/Up2Give philanthropic ecosystem.

This ecosystem is quite extensive and elaborate, and thus efforts will be made to simplify the process of learning and implementing all of the skills and knowledge to becoming an independent franchise of these infrastructure products and services. The goal is to empower the people to design ecosystems to suit the needs of individuals, families, organizations, small businesses, and others within local communities rather than trying to provide one-size-fits-all IoT products and services.

Currently, there are two main ways that one may take advantage of this opportunity. One can become a City Developer License holder which requires meeting certain requirements, or one may host one or more "hotspot" GPS locations. The compensation from these "gateways" and "nodes", respectively, is based on an interface with a system developed by Helium, called "LongFi" which combines the LoRaWAN wireless protocol with the Helium blockchain so that any LoRaWAN device can transfer data on the network. When data is transferred on the network through these gateways and nodes, the owner will be rewarded with points that can be redeemed for Helium (HNT) tokens. Additionally, HNT tokens will be rewarded when using the PrimeGate/Up2Give white labeled products such as using "Up2Give Chat" and "Up2Give TV".

What are the requirements and how much will it cost to join this opportunity?

We want to help make it possible for anyone to be able to participate in co-creating the "People's Network". There are benefits to becoming a City Developer License (CDL) holder which are explained in detail in this presentation. The main incentive is that a CDL can, during this special partnership and contract between PrimeGate and Up2Give, obtain a city license "gateway" franchise worth $40K for much less by meeting the certain criteria mentioned in the presentation.

If these criteria seem too demanding, one may still help grow the network infrastructure in their local community by obtaining one or more local hotspot "nodes" which will strengthen the coverage in their area, and offer passive income opportunities through earning points redeemable for HNT tokens for use of the node. Additional earning through the use of the various IoT products and services is also available to node holder.

A potential CDL must select an available city anywhere in the world, sign a contract for that city, purchase at lease one hotspot location within one week of signing the contract and purchase or sell and additional ten within the next 30 days to secure the license. In order to maintain the requirements for renewal of the five year contract, the CDL must purchase or sell a total of 50 hotspot locations over the five year period. A single hotspot costs approximately $500 through this program. The LGLE is here to help facilitate prospective CDLs and hotspot hosts to successfully take advantage of this opportunity.

Examples of how one could participate: low budget versus high budget

1) Low Budget: Purchase only one 'hotspot" for $500: Start a FunDEXIt and Up2Give campaign for a project or cause, and subscribe to premium channel Up2Give TV for $55/mo. Donations received from FunDEXit/Up2Give, and HNT tokens generated from the hotspot and use of the Up2Give TV service generates additional HNT. This revenue can be plugged into PortalX to generate additional "coin flow" revenue from the auto-trader bot. (This is coming soon).

2) High Budget: Decide to become CDL, pick an available city, sign the contract, and purchase the first hotspot within the first week from signing the contract. Set aside an additional $5,500 to fund your license. Donate $500 of this fund to a less financially fortunate team member in need of donations to reach their CDL requirements or to another FunDEXit/Up2Give project. Use the PortalX app to trade the remaining $5,000, and use the profits to obtain more hotspots during the 30 day period for acquiring or selling an additional 10 hotspots to meet qualification criteria. Additional revenue can be obtained from using the whitelabel Up2Give IoT products and services, and inviting others using your TippingCircle referral link. The revenue and rewards can offset the costs of services and can also be converted to cryptocurrency to be traded for profit using PortalX.

What is the role of the the LGLE in this opportunity?

The LGLE wants to promote "Responsible Tech for a Free and Sustainable Future" and will soon begin doing webinars to present this information and opportunity to more people to encourage active participation, because the only one who has been granted the divine power to choose your own destiny is YOU.

The Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem (LGLE) is a global vision of the Legacy GOLD Lifeline Wholeness Ministry, bringing together the BEST of the best to co-create a better world. During these challenging times when it feels like there is no hope, behind the scenes there are those individuals who are determined to come through this storm stronger and better than ever!

To learn more about the mission of the LGLE, please read the brief proposed ongoing development plan for the LGLE in the document below.

The Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem
Download PDF • 22KB

A final word on FunDEXit presented by the LGLE powered by PortalX...

There are countless great innovative projects waiting to get their initial funding, and the LGLE aims to be the connector of benefactors to projects with its unique FunDEXit cryptocurrency crowdfunding mechanism. There are many benefits to donating using FunDEXit rather than traditional investing. FunDEXit is the only known crowdfunding mechanism which gives a "thank you gift" back to donors as cryptocurrency in the form of Stellar Lumens (XLM) and bonus tokens in the form of PortalX tokens (PTLX), both of which have tremendous value in this transforming economy. Since our community is private, and by invitation only, we make an effort to know our community members well, and thus can maintain honesty and integrity.

This opportunity with PrimeGate and Up2Give is the creme de la creme of LGLE FunDEXit projects, because it can be merged with any existing or planned Up2Give project and will build a backbone of advanced technological infrastructure that is not only cutting edge, but will literally be created by our OWN community to suit OUR needs and desires, not what some self-appointed authoritarians have determined is best for us. This is an opportunity for everyday people as well as IoT developer start-ups to come together and support and create projects that not only improve our future with more customized IoT products and services, but also allows them to immediately begin to financially benefit from the implementations of their own creations. It also supports empowerment, autonomy, and liberty. We urge anyone who wants to play a MAJOR role in the active co-creation of the "New Earth" to join us in this effort!

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