Presented by Dr. Debi Thomas
U.S. National and World Figure Skating Champion 
and Olympic Bronze Medalist


Access to the recorded event presenting the "Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem" co-creative solution.

"Digital Age Empowerment and Cryptocurrency Secrets"

To learn what you're not being told about the new digital economy and what you can do to be prepared and how you can benefit from contributing to the ongoing development of an ecosystem which empowers people to have more control over their future, preserving freedom, privacy, and autonomy.

Simply make a $35 donation to the Legacy GOLD Lifeline Wholeness Ministry for access. Your donation will help crowdfund the development of the PortalX digital asset management app which will greatly simplify the steep learning curve associated with navigating the new digital economy putting the power of your future in your own hands.

You will receive the following for your donation:

  • Access to the two parts of the recorded event.

  • 40 PTLX tokens which can be redeemed for a one hour one-on-one consultation to learn how the ecosystem benefits you personally.

  • Information on how to get connected and involved with this global ecosystem.

  • Powerful information about the new digital economy that is not being presented widely elsewhere.